Winston Solomon affectionately known to industry peers as Byia and sometimes Writer started his trek in the music business as a deejay (rapper) on Echo One Sound out of Kingston 13 back in the 1980s, but he would be the first to tell you that while the lyrics he was putting down was tops, he did not fare well as a deejay.  During one of his on-sound stints a friend of his Leroy Brown (the now famous Jockey) was impressed with his lyrical talent and introduced him to General Trees. He wrote his first two songs for General Trees, Jah Jah Mission and Kingstonian.  Though they did not hit, word began spreading fast and before long Winston “Byia” Solomon was writing songs for a plethora of artists including Lady Saw, Johnny P (Bike Back), Lady G, Nardo Ranks (Dem A Bleach), Reggie Stepper (Modeling), Maxi Priest, and Sophia George among others. In 989 there was a clash at Sting between Lady P, Lady G, Lady Patra and Sister Charmaine and all the ladies were spitting his lyrics with the exception of Sister Charmaine.  He also wrote on Patra’s biggest album “Queen of The Pack”.  During this time he was a regular at Gemini Club and Black Scorpio Studios. 

In late 1980’s he met International Duo Chaka Demus and Pliers for whom he began writing as well, He wrote on several of their tracks including their major European hit “Tease Me”. He also wrote the song “Champagne and Wine for another International Duo Louchie Lou and Michie One, one of their biggest tunes to date.  One of the songs he wrote was a movie sound track for “Ali G in Da House” and another made the movie “Dancehall Queen”.

He became more than a little frustrated with the business, feeling it was not doing him justice and took a long hiatus from writing and the business of music in general, opting to take a more traditional route to success. After a few years away from the business in 2009 he decided to get back in, but this time as a Record Producer.  He created a record label along with a business partner called “Fire N Ice Records, LLC”.  His first artist being Reggae/Dancehall Artist JoJo Mac, fairly new on the scene out of Philadelphia, for whom he produced his first album “Superstar” to be followed by “Superstar Reloaded” a year later.  

It’s now 2013 and Winston “Byia Solomon” is spearheading his biggest production yet. He shares Producer’s credit on with Chaka Demus on Chaka Demus’ new solo album “Chaka Demus: Second Coming” from which two singles “I’m In Love” featuring JoJo Mac and Dem A Chat were recently released on Fire N Ice Records, LLC with the album to follow.


Dar Stellabotta does everything for Fire N Ice Records from graphic design, website building to marketing. She strongly believes in the people and music that this label represents. She believes Fire N Ice Records delivers authentic Dancehall and Reggae music and she supports Fire N Ice 100%.

Winston “Byia” Solomon is on the move and making “big” moves.